6 Ways to Stay Mindful During Thanksgiving & Black Friday

by Michael Pietrzak November 18, 2016

6 Ways to Stay Mindful During Thanksgiving & Black Friday

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The Madness is Coming

Thanksgiving and Black Friday are almost on top of us.

It's a time of year when we run around trying to handle our normal responsibilities while adding stressful friends and family duties, and get that cheap 50 inch TV.

The holidays are a great opportunity to connect with family and make memories, so the last thing we want is to become overwhelmed by stress and pressure.

We want to help you stay mindful this year, so here are 6 simple lifehacks that will keep your mind and life in balance.

Thanksgiving Tips

Thanksgiving Tip 1 – Get Physical

Set aside time for physical exercise. Being active is one of the best tools for reducing stress. It also improves your self esteem and energy levels.

Set aside 10 to 30 minutes each day where you won’t be disturbed. You could run, hit the gym, or do yoga. It doesn't matter what you do, but set some time aside for yourself to move that body.

It will also help you burn off the extra calories from the delicious food.

Thanksgiving Tip 2 – Set Intentions & Remember Gratitude

After you wake up and splash some water on your face take 5 minutes to sit and be quiet with yourself. Set your intentions for the day. Decide exactly what you want to achieve and how you want to act and feel today.

Write your intentions down and place them around the house as reminders. Or, you can turn them into a mantra, repeated in your head throughout the day.

You can even turn them into a meditation by visualising each intention and imagining the outcome as though it has already been achieved.

For even better results, attach happy emotions to the thought of having already achieved your goals.

This is a powerful technique for remaining mindful and for keeping yourself focused. Also important: actively feeling grateful for what you have, and for what you achieve during the day.

Thanksgiving Tip 3 – Take Time Out When You Need it

Thanksgiving will get hectic.

Maybe Grandpa spills his whiskey on the sofa, or your nieces run around for 30 minutes yelling at the top of their lungs. 

When you get overwhelmed, take ten minutes to go outside and meditate. Take a breath of fresh air, go for a little walk if you can and re-centre yourself.

Doing this will help you to stay mindful, positive and calm during even the most chaotic family gatherings.

Black-Friday Tips

Black Friday Tip 1 – Plan, Plan, Plan!

It’s easy to get carried away with all the amazing Black Friday deals out there. Before you leave the house, make a list of the things that you know that you need & want to buy.

This way you can head directly to the right store and avoid getting side-tracked by other offers that will destroy your budget.

Do your best to stay disciplined  use tunnel vision to keep your mind focused only on what you have already decided to get.

This way you'll avoid overspending and coming home with 20 things you didn’t need.

Black Friday Tip 2 – Pay With Cash, Not Your Card

Leave the credit and bank cards at home.

Decide how much you can afford to spend before you head out, and grab only that amount from the ATM before head out.

This will guarantee that you won’t eat into the money you've worked hard to save for rent, bills and, you know, food.

If you don’t have your cards with you when you shop, there's no way you'll spend money when you can’t afford to. So easy!

Black Friday Tip 3 – Stay At Home & Shop Online

You don’t need to shop in-store to get great Black Friday deals; there are plenty of online retailers out there participating in the Black Friday frenzy.

Starting on Black Friday, Rogue Refined Goods Co. will put our whole catalog on sale – up to 50% off everything. 

Avoid the hassle and stress of being surrounded by thousands of crazy shoppers by staying at home and getting great deals online.

You’ll save money on fuel and be able to relax and do your shopping in your underwear if you want to. 

The Holidays will be hectic, and they will be stressful. But with these 6 tips we hope you’ll stay mindful, and better enjoy the time spent with friends and family.

Happy Turkey Day!


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